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Why  do people choose Terra Cotta Inn Vacations?
Fun! Relaxation! Stress  Relief! Making New Friends!  Our guests love to be spoiled and pampered and  here, they don't have to worry about tan lines

What kind of people are  guests at The Terra Cotta Inn?

In their day to day lives, our guests are  representative of the general public.  They come from all over the United States  and Canada. Since The Terra Cotta Inn is Palm Springsīs most popular vacation  resort, we have now had guests from over 100 different countries.  Our guests  are from every profession.  They are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.   They are religious and non-religious.  Basically, our guests are every man and  woman.

Are Clothing Optional Vacations becoming more  popular?
Forbes Magazine reported that nude recreation is the fastest  growing vacation segment of the travel industry.  Using The Terra Cotta Inn as  an example, in our first 5 years of business, we have gone from a start up  business to being one of the most successful resorts in Palm Springs history.   We have been recommended by The Seattle Times, Los Angeles Magazine, USA Today,  Palm Springs Life Magazine, ABC, NBC, and CBS television and to name  just a few of our press write ups, so clothing optional vacations are becoming  more popular.

I see clothing optional resorts, nudist resorts, and  clothes free resorts advertised. What are the differences?
Every single  nude recreation resort is owned and operated differently. Some resorts like The  Terra Cotta Inn are owned and operated by the founding owners  Our biggest  concern is making sure our guests are happy.  Some places are private clubs or  are co-op owned and are concerned with keeping their members happy.  Other  places are owned by big impersonal corporations and are interested only in  keeping their shareholders and homeowner associations happy.
 The rules  concerning nudity varies from location to location.  Here, at The Terra Cotta  Inn, we are clothing optional.  We realize that our guests want choices and that  is why we are clothing optional.  Our philosophy is based on common sense.  If  it is cool in the evening, you are welcome to wear clothes.  You have the  freedom to wear a shirt or bathrobe.  You have the option to wear something when  you eat a meal.  If this is your first time at a clothing optional resort, you  may wear something until you are more comfortable.
 Some nudist and  clothes free clubs and resorts operate differently.  They may be membership  driven, and tend to be busy only on weekends, when the members visit with their  children. They usually require their members to be nude at all times, so that  all club members are treated equally.  However, at the Terra Cotta Inn, since we  have vacationers from all over the world, our guests like choices and we give  you that freedom.  Nudists are also very happy at The Terra Cotta Inn because  they can be nude 100% of the time.

How will we feel on our first vacation  at The Terra Cotta Inn?

All of our guests tell us that they were nervous for  about the first half hour or so of their vacation.  You will find that our  guests are the nicest couples you will ever meet.  You will find that you can  sunbathe au naturel in a very safe, secure, environment.  You will meet all  sorts of interesting people.  We are small and intimate enough that you can  easily socialize if you like, yet we are quite spacious, so that if you just  want to relax around the pool and enjoy the sun, no one will disturb  you.

When is the perfect time to vacation at The Terra Cotta Inn?
The Terra Cotta Inn is one of the few hotels in Palm Springs that is  busy everyday of the year.  Palm Springs is in the sunniest, warmest, driest  part of the United States.  We have the best weather.  We are almost always  sunny because of being located next to the 10,000 ft San Jacinto mountains.  We  are close to Los Angeles, San Diego, Death Valley, Las Vegas and Phoenix.  We  are less than a days drive from San Francisco, The Grand Canyon, and Yosemite  National Park.  We have an extremely high repeat guest rate, so every day of the  year is the perfect time to vacation at The Terra Cotta Inn.  Give us a call at  800-786-6938 to make your dream vacation happen!

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The Terra Cotta Inn of Palm Springs, California, US

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The Terra Cotta Inn of Palm Springs, California, US